3 Day Week

Last week I only had to work 3 days because I had booked Thursday & Friday off, unusual for me you might say, but there was a very very good reason for it.  On the Thursday my Husband and I went to Bristol, we did a spot of shopping, had a so-so meal and then went to a concert.  The concert was performed by an American troop called Postmodern Jukebox.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of these, you need to get on You-tube and find them, you will be amazed at the incredible talent that these guys and girls have.  They have been brought together by a man called Scott Bradley, and what this guy can do with musical arrangements is phenomenal.  He takes a modern day song and rewrites it into a jazz track.  My Husband and I are avid fans and were not disappointed.

On the Friday I had booked a photoshoot with the very talented Precious Moments photography girls Kim & Louise.  These photos were originally intended to be of the baby bumps, but one thing led to another and 70 photographs later, I was on the point of tears as there were some absolutely amazing photographs taken. image image

After the excitement of the concert and the photoshoot, I wanted a quiet afternoon, but OH NO, my Husband had other ideas.  We ended up in Cardiff, eating, shopping & eating (my Husband is a FEEDER).  Very rarely can I refuse my Husband as he can make the most gorgeous puppy dog eyes, I try to be strong and can generally hold out for quite a while but they always get me in the end.

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Mother’s Day part 2

Well after receiving some lovely gifts off my Daughter, I decided to invite my Son, Daughter-in-law and Granddaughter up for dinner.  Using dinner as bribery I suggested my Son bring my present and card with him, so that I wouldn’t have to wait until lunchtime the following day (Mothering Sunday), after a bit of light-hearted banter, he finally agreed.

I decided to try out a new recipe and cooking for 6 people was quite a challenge, but I succeeded and we all sat down to eat at about 18.00.  At this point my Son gave me a stunning bracelet and a bottle of (very nice) red wine, I had a card off him and my Daughter-in-law and a card off my Granddaughter.  All of my cards were put on show and my bracelet went straight on my wrist.  My Daughter-in-law (27 weeks pregnant) absolutely devoured my kip/shroom  (my new recipe) and after eating hers, proceeded to eat half of mine as well.  That girl has a very healthy appetite :-).

So the evening was going along very nicely, the non-pregnant over 18’s were having drinks, the conversation flowed, fun was had and music was played.  At about 22.00 my Granddaughter asked me if she could go to bed (bless her, at 2 yrs old she was partied out).  My Daughter took her up and then came back to join us.  The next event concerned my Husband, who had been religiously upholding his PIRATE standing, he went to sit on the sofa (we were all sat around the dining table) and proceeded to keel over and fall asleep, well as one does, we took photographs and posted them on social media.  At about 01.30 my Son and his beautiful Wife went home (she had work less than 6 hours later), my future Grandson’s Father went with them, so this now left myself and my Daughter sat at the table, and my Husband fast asleep on the sofa.  Left to our own devices my Daughter and I had a great time on You-tube, picking songs and generally having a good old time.  My Husband woke up at 02.45 and stumbled his way to bed, at this point I was wide awake and having a thoroughly good time, I think it was about 03.45 before I crawled into bed beside my Husband.  I do have to admit that I felt a little bit under the weather on Mothering Sunday, but by hell, do we know how to have an impromptu party.  I felt truly blessed on that weekend, blessed to be the Mother of two incredible people, blessed to be the Mother-in-law of a beautiful (inside & out) woman, blessed to be the Grandma of a gorgeous, talented, cheeky, adorable little girl, blessed to be the anxiously waiting Grandma of two more Grandbabies and especially blessed to have the best Husband in the world.


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Mother’s Day

I know today isn’t Mother’s Day but I have already been spoiled rotten by my beautiful Daughter. She turned up at my home (as opposed to house) this morning with a gorgeous card (it takes up half of my sideboard) and another card off my future Grandson, Theo, (this child’s spelling and handwriting is amazing). She then gave me a stunning pair of earrings and a charm for my bracelet (again off Theo).  After feeding her a full cooked breakfast (fit for a queen) the little darling then went to the local shop to purchase some electricity (pre-payed meter) because my Husband forgot to take the key with him when he went shopping (NARF). She then came back with a stunning bunch of flowers. I went upstairs to do some housework, (in the loosest sense of the word) my Daughter came up and lay on the spare bed, where my future Grandson proceeded to kick her, she invited me to feel him kick, and what did the little bugger do? He went back to sleep? . Never mind she has 17 weeks left, plenty of time yet. I have to say that the change in my Daughter since finding out she was pregnant has been phenomenal, yes she may struggle a little being a single mum but on the whole, with the love & support of family & friends, she is going to be an amazingly awesome Mother. I love my girl to the MOON & BACK.

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Tired brain

“Write a post” says he, “keep your brain active” he adds.  Has he been inside my brain?, Does he know what goes on in there on a daily basis?  The answer, my friends, is NO.  Nothing major has happened over the last few days to put my brain in a tizzy, but that doesn’t mean that the cogs are not constantly whirring.  I think about many different things, (in no particular order) Husband, work, home, house, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, future granddaughter, future grandson.  (Yes home & house are two separate things).  We live in a house, but we made it our home.  There are a few things we would like to do to our “home” to improve it/freshen it up, then there are the things that the council have to do to our “house”, namely put a straight toilet in.  Our toilet was replaced just over a week ago and the new one slopes to the left (as you’re sitting on it), I know this to be fact as my right buttock hits the seat before my left one, also the spirit level agrees, added to this the fact that it has been put in at an angle, makes using it a rather disconcerting event.  My children think I am silly worrying about it but, IT’S NOT RIGHT and therefore needs replacing again.

Off on a completely different tangent, my Husband is trying to drag me into the 21st century, I now have a Twitter account, I have the grand total of 2 “followers” already, both of which are my Husbands accounts, and honestly I can’t see anyone else wishing to “follow” me, time will tell.

My Granddaughter had her 2 year old assessment yesterday and was granted the status of “she is doing everything she should be doing but her speech is amazing”, she is such a little ray of sunshine and brightens up everyone’s day.

My Daughter-in-law is suffering terribly with sciatica during her 2nd pregnancy, I really wish there was something I could do to help her.  My Daughter’s pregnancy is coming along very nicely, I think she has got used to the feeling of baby kicking her now.  My Son is due to celebrate his 29th birthday soon, so that will be a weekend of fun & frolics.  My Husband has got sinusitis and can’t hear in his right ear (2nd course of anti-biotics) I keep taking the mickey out of him, by asking him to repeat himself, he has cottoned on now though and doesn’t fall for it as often.

Work is work, same shit, different day, with the exception of different faces coming in for interviews.  Heard on the news today that if you are under 55, then the chances are you won’t be able to retire until you’re 70.  I AM NOT working 60 hours a week after the age of 60 (maybe sooner).  I want to spend some quality time with my Husband, children & grandchildren before I am to old and doddery to enjoy them.

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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Disgusted is not the word.

In the last hour, I have seen a video and some photographs of the most horrendous thing I have ever seen in my life.  In the online version of The Mirror (mirror.co.uk) there is an article about a woman, approx 39 years of age, who was filmed walking around an area of Moscow carrying the head of a 4 year old child (girl).  Apparently she was babysitting and waited for the parents to leave with an older child, when she then murdered and decapitated this little innocent baby and then set fire to the apartment and walked out with the baby’s head. Whilst walking around Moscow she was heard to shout ‘Allahu Akbar’.  This woman was dressed all in black and wearing a hijab.  She was also heard shouting “I’m a terrorist” and had told people that she would blow herself up.  Now to set the record straight I am not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, I am also not religious in any way, but what I am is HUMAN, and although there have been many horrendous incidents of late involving a certain group of terrorists, I can’t get my head around the fact that a woman (probably with her own children) could even think about doing, what she is reported to have done, to a child, let alone actually doing it.  I am disgusted that someone who classes themselves as human (like me) could do such an evil thing.  I really cannot write anymore at the moment because I feel physically sick.  When you go home tonight hug your children close and tell them you love them, that poor little darling will never know another hug or kiss off her parents or indeed anyone else.  Rest in Peace little sweetheart.


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The birth.

Let it outThis is why KinkyMice was born.

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“The greatest love of all”  Whitney Houston.

Stop reading NOW if you’re not interested in my political thoughts, because I am going on a rant.  These are entirely my own opinions and as such, no-one else can be held responsible, I may have some facts wrong, and I apologise in advance if this is the case.

I voted for our present government because I stupidly believed their policies and promises when they said they would close our borders,  minimise immigration, get us a better deal with the EU, give our NHS more funding, help the elderly and look after the hard workers of this country. LIES LIES LIES.

Closing our borders to refugees.

We live on an island, it is not a big island compared to others in the world, but still we have an “open border” policy, this basically means that every refugee that comes into our country is given accommodation, food & clothing, ok so it might only be a hostel but it is still a roof over their heads, their children get an education and they have regular food allowances. Now I don’t begrudge anyone an education or a meal but what about our own people, the ones that sleep on the streets (because the hostels are full) the ones that beg for food (no food vouchers here), the ones whose clothes come from dustbins (no clothing vouchers here). I am not naive enough to believe that everybody who is sleeping on our streets are actual “down & outs” but the majority of them are, and this, often, is through no fault of their own.  Lets help these people before we start giving to others.  Charity begins at home.


If you want to come and live in my country, then you have to abide by certain rules and laws.  I believe that you should not come here unless you have a job so that you can pay tax and national insurance. In exchange we will let you have access to our NHS (as long as you have British citizenship), If you don’t have citizenship and you are here on a green card scheme then we will charge you a nominal fee for treatment. No citizenship, no green card, then you will pay the full costs of any treatment.  If you are a “legal” immigrant, then we have welcomed you, but, DO NOT take the mickey out of us, we will NOT pay for your 20 children back home in your own country.  If you are an “illegal” immigrant then I hope you get caught and deported.

European Union

I want OUT.  I am not a big business, or indeed, small business person, I am a person who works 60 hours a week just to try and earn a decent income.  As far as I can see the EU has done absolutely nothing to benefit me.  The amount of money that the UK pays to the EU is mind boggling, £55 million per day, ( I don’t even know how many noughts that is).  Stop you say, we get some of that back to help with agriculture and education and counter-terrorism, well I say hang on, how the hell did we cope before joining, oh yes that’s right, farmers were allowed to grow what they wanted, and not have to have seeds that passed EU examination, their cows could produce as much milk as they wanted and it would all go off to the dairy to be put in PINT bottles.  There was nothing at all wrong with learning the 3 R’s, gaining your ‘O’ levels, going to college, gaining your ‘A’ levels and going to university, studying for however many years you needed to then come out and get a JOB. As for counter-terrorism then I firmly believe that every civilised country in the world should sign an agreement whereby they will report to each other on threats, attempts and people who are “under suspicion” or “persons of interest”.  We have MI5 and MI6 in this country, the Americans have the FBI and the CIA, every country has its own version, let’s work as a world people.

The EU have come up with some weird and wonderful “laws” which I quite frankly find disturbing, as I am sure that the money that every European country pays could be put to much better use.  For example the EU passed a law in the late 90’s that stated that we could not buy or sell misshaped fruit & veg, thank goodness that someone saw sense in 2009 and revoked that law, the only item that is still covered by the “ridiculous” law is the banana, apparently it cannot have more than a 10 degree bend.  The other stupid laws that they have passed include:- Eggs, these cannot now be sold by the dozen but by weight & grade.  an A grade egg is supposedly the best, in these eggs the yolk doesn’t move from the center of the egg when it is rotated, who the hell checks this?, is there a special x-ray machine for egg yolks?

Vacuum cleaners? In 2014 the EU decided that they were going to increase the asthma problem by passing a law that vacuum cleaner motors should be no bigger than 1600watts, by 2017 this will drop to 900watts, so then we will have even more people suffering with dust allergies, asthma, chest/breathing problems. Not to mention the fact that our carpets will be dirtier because the vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough to  suck up all the dirt, our homes will become infested with dust mites.  I am sure there will be many other problems which will occur, but it’s ok, the refugees can live in our dirty houses after we have moved out due to illness/stress.  The one law that has been passed is a little bit closer to home for me (although I do use a vacuum cleaner), it’s the one whereby ALL diabetics must be banned from driving.  This is a real law but fortunately it is not enforced much in this country.  I do understand that there are certain people with diabetes who do not take care of themselves and who are prone to going into diabetic coma’s (not good whilst driving), but the vast majority of people with this terrible condition do look after themselves either with diet or medication, WHY should the sensible ones be punished for the few idiots out there.

The £55 million that we give away each day can and should be put to good use in our country.  The education system needs a complete overhaul.  A *B* grade “A” level math pass today is equal to an *E* grade back in the 90’s, are exams getting easier? or is the youth of today being penalised/punished because of lack of resources?  The NHS is in crises.  Aneurin Bevan had a dream for this country, that every citizen should have access to “free” medical treatment.  He achieved his dream, and our NHS was the envy of the world.  The problems won’t be addressed by simply throwing money at them, we need to go back to basics, go back to the initial dreams, plans & ideas that were in place in 1948, start again.

If you have read to the end of my rant without falling asleep then congratulations.  As I said at the beginning of this post, these are entirely my own opinions.  I am not asking you to agree or disagree with me or indeed debate with me, it is purely for my own amusement.

Happy Friday 🙂


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I have mentioned a few times about how amazing my Husband is, well recently, I just happened to mention that I was thinking about having my own web page (don’t know what I’m going to put on it, yet) and all he said was “think of a name”. Well I played around with things/words associated with me and nothing felt quite right, so I typed a couple of words into Google, hit enter and low & behold it came back with Kinky Mice.

Now anyone that knows my Husband & I, know that this name is representative of us in so many ways. For example, we both use mice on a daily basis (computers), we have 7 cats (all good mouse hunters) and the rest I’ll leave to your imagination ;-).  Once I had told my Husband the name I had chosen and after he had stopped laughing, he proceeded to set me up with my own domain/website/blogpage.  Just in-case I haven’t mentioned this before, my Husband is a 1st class, A* geek, of the highest order.

On arriving home that night, I was presented with my dinner and after eating we spent about 2 hours, with him showing me what was what, adding security measures etc etc.  Now I will admit that on more than one occasion he totally lost me, but I think I grasped the basics and if he can read this then he did his job well.  I am pleased to announce the safe (if not troublesome) arrival of kinkymice.net.  It is not out there for the world to see yet, and still needs a fair bit of tweaking (or as I like to say, squeaking)  done to it but watch this space.

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