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On 23rd  June 2016, I cast my vote about leaving/staying in the EU. As most of you are well aware I voted to leave. Now my reasons for leaving were of a purely selfish nature, I wanted my grandchildren to know just how great this country of ours could be.

I was 10 years old when we joined the EU, I didn’t know anything about politics then and I was certainly to young to have an intelligent opinion, I left the decision for my future up to the people who thought they knew best (I honestly can’t remember how my parents voted about joining and unfortunately I can’t ask them).  From the day that the UK voted to leave the EU , 2 things have happened with me, the first being that I was absolutely delighted to know that we would no longer be under the bureaucratic influence of Brussels. Secondly, I have realised (finally) just what a fucked up bunch of twats our government really are.

So we invoked Article 50 in March 2017 giving us 2 years for our government to sort our shit out (yes there is going to be a lot of swearing in this post) and what do they do? Nothing, that’s right, nothing, zilch, nowt, fuck all, apart from argue amongst themselves. During the 2 years the PM has been back and forth to Brussels “trying” to get us a good deal. The wankers in Brussels don’t want to give us a good deal, it’s not in their best interest, they just want our money and our goods and our fishing rights and to let their lazy fuckers come to our country so that they can claim our benefits and use our NHS.

After all the commuting our own government decided that they had no confidence in the PM (no shit Sherlock) but alas she won that vote. Now after nearly 2 years she had a plan, trouble is it is a shocking plan, it only addresses the bog basics and not the deeper issues that the people of this country had in mind when they voted to leave (ok ok the majority, just for you remoaners). This plan was then put before parliament and surprise surprise it was rejected. The leader of the opposition party (sorry I can’t even bring myself to type his name) called for a vote of no confidence in the whole government, FUCK ME :-0 A vote was called, and the current government won, so now what, well she had to come up with another plan, a better plan for our country, has she done that? No she fucking hasn’t, she has just reworded her original plan and plans yet another trip to Brussels to BEG them to allow her new requests (of which there is one).  Get a back bone for fucks sake, the wankers in Brussels have already said that the initial deal set out is the only one that is on the table and that they will NOT deviate from it.  She needs to tell them that if they don’t accept what is requested by the British people (majority) then they can fuck off, yes I am saying that we should walk away with NO DEAL, anything would be better than only half leaving, half leaving is NOT what I and the majority voted for, there was no half leave on the ballot paper.

On March 29th this year our 2 years are up, what’s going to happen is in the hands of our “elected” government, there is the “no-deal option, the extension of Article 50 option and the cancellation of Article 50. The last 2 options go totally against the grain with me as personally I think that that would be the end of the UK as a nation, there has been so much discord in the country since the initial vote to leave or remain was taken, so many people are disillusioned with the way things have been done, so many lies have been told, families have fallen out, friends no  longer speak to each other. Choosing one of the last 2 options would totally destroy any semblance of  confidence that this country has in our government (which is very little as it is).

There is one saving grace that has come out of all this nonsense, from the quickly called general election in 2016 to the vote of no confidence in the PM to the vote of no confidence in the government, and that is that the opposition party are not in power, I will never vote for them again as long as that traitorous, treacherous, IRA loving wanker is leader.

There has been much printed about a 2nd referendum, I say NO, we have voted once now lets get out, what I totally disagree with is the proposed 3 questions,

1, leave with her deal                                                                                                                                2, leave with no deal                                                                                                                             3, remain

There should only be 2 questions if we go down this road and number 3 isn’t one of them

This rant is my own opinion only, disagree if you wish but I really don’t give a fuck, and by the way, if a 2nd referendum is called I will still vote LEAVE – WITH NO DEAL.

Rant over, thanks for reading (if you got this far)

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Things have definitely changed.

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I wrote anything on here, 2 FUCKING years.

I don’t even know if I can remember everything that has happened over the last 2 years, I can remember that I have just written about 2000 words approx an hour ago and that I pressed the wrong fucking button and lost it all, so here I go again GRRRRRRRR.

Just a few updates about the family.

No more grandchildren have arrived (sad, but acceptable of my children’s decisions), the 3 we have got are all getting older (sad face), the eldest is nearly 5 and the babies are 3 this year.

The Son is still a non-smoker and has also stopped vaping (sooooo proud of him)

The daughter is still a single mum but is loving every minute of it (apart from the tantrums, terrible two’s)

The daughter-in-law is still coping with the Son’s wild & wonderful ideas (she deserves a bloody medal)

The Husband was made redundant back in 2017 and started a new job straight away (I let him have the weekend off)

We are still in the EU (roll on March 29th), I could go into a massive rant about this but to be honest I can’t be arsed, suffice to say I STILL WANT OUT BUT UR GOVERNMENT ARE BEING TOTAL FUCKTARDS.

So now to the reason I have decided to update this blog, my Husband asked me the other day why I hadn’t written anything for a while, as now I had more free time, it should be easier. Well yes, he has a very valid point, if you read my last post, at the very end I said that I wanted to cut my hours in work (60 a week), I finally achieved this in October last year, not only did I  cut my hours to 37.5 but I also got myself a 2k pay rise and ALL bank holidays off, I am still working in the same building which was always my aim but I am doing something totally different yet strangely the same.  I can honestly say that it is a pleasure to be tired from actually working than from being bored. My brain became mush whilst doing my old job but over the last 3 months it has fired back up and is loving ever minute of it. I am still not used to having more time at home, I find myself just sitting and thinking I should be doing something but by the time I realise that I can actually do what I want then it’s time for bed. I may not have got used to the free time yet but I have certainly got used to having more money in my bank (shopping spree’s for the win).

I am still a non-smoker but my health has deteriorated since stopping as I have had a significant weight gain, but hey, I’m not super woman, I can only give up one thing at a time (carbs & sugar next). I am also hoping to cut down on the vaping, but by the time I write my next post (according to the current trend) it’ll probably be all over and done with (raises eyebrows).

My Husband continues to be the most loving, awesome, generous man I have ever met, as I mentioned earlier, he was made redundant back in 2017 and out of his redundancy money he bought me a car which was to my exact specifications (yellow, fast, quirky and fun). My car is now officially the “family car” for outings with the grandchildren or for when we go on trips, why you may ask, well the reason is quite simple, my Husband traded in his large car for a smaller one, now I’m not complaining, but, he bought a bloody Mini (not a BMW), not wanting to upset him or hurt his feelings I had to tell him the truth, I hate Mini’s, he is well aware now that I will never drive his (wannabe BMW) car, hell I don’t even like being a passenger in it, that being said, the most important thing is that he loves it and is happy with it, and as a good Wife, that’s all that matters.

Talking of the Husband, we have been together just over 8 years and I love him more and more each day, BUT, his latest way of thinking is beginning to worry me a little, I’ll give you an example, this morning he was relaying an article he’d been reading regarding how eating fried chicken daily could cause premature death, now this in itself is concerning, but what he said next has put me on my guard, he asked me if we could have a KFC for tea, CHILDREN I have not made a will yet.

This post is just to catch you all up with my life, watch this space for more in-depth thoughts and feelings (don’t hold your breath), I’ll leave you with the meme below for you to ponder on, until next time, (blows kiss).

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Playing catch-up

I am horrified and more than a little embarrassed by my lack of posts, I haven’t posted anything since June 15th 2016.  Soooooooo much has happened in my life since then, I will try and get it all down in the right order, but forgive me if I fuck it up.

The most notable thing happened just a day after my last blog, MY GRANDSON WAS BORN,  yes the little bugger needed to come early, he had stopped growing and the doctor/midwife decided to induce my daughter.  The father and myself were present and after a very quick and traumatic birth, my handsome grandson was born weighing 4lb 8oz (yes I cried), he was little but perfect in every way.  Mother & Son were allowed home the very same day/evening.  So now I had 2 new Grandbabies born 10 days apart, I honestly thought my heart would burst.  Never ever in the whole world was there a prouder Grandma.

In the August my Son informed me that he was going to stop smoking, I will be honest I had my doubts as he had tried many times before, how wrong was I, he has been a non-smoker for 4 months now and I am so so so proud of him.

Also in August, I had an argument with the “rents”.  I have only seen them once since then and tried really hard to make amends (for my Husband’s sake) but it just didn’t happen. I am done with them.

I also tupe’d over to a new company on August 1st, they talked the talk, and I’m still waiting for them to walk the walk. I am still working 60 hours a week, but hopefully that will change in 2017/2018.

On September 23rd my Husband & I took our eldest Granddaughter out for the day to Tenby, we had a lovely time eating fish & chips and then ice-cream, we walked a lot and went into some terrific shops.  The most important thing to happen that day though was my “lightbulb moment”, we were sat at the top looking down at the beach when my Husband said “shall we take her on the beach” without hesitation I said “no, I’ll never get back up the steps”.  OMG what the hell was wrong with me?, my grandbabies were going to miss out on so much because of my selfishness.  I didn’t say anything to my Husband, but I had made a monumental decision.  We enjoyed the rest of the day and got home about 7pm.  The following day was a Saturday and my Husband & I were going into Cardiff, I asked him to accompany me to a certain shop where between us we must have spent about £100.00.  I smoked my last cigarette that day.  It’s now been 3 months and the difference in my breathing, skin tone, finances & energy levels are astounding, next year I WILL be taking my grandbabies on the beach in Tenby.

In October my first class A* Husband gained a promotion in work, he worked hard for it and totally deserves the recognition. I am so proud of him.

November saw 2 big events, firstly it was my Daughter-in-law’s 30th birthday (we broke her) and secondly, my Son’s best friend got married, I have known his friend since he was 13 and he calls me mum2.  I raise a glass to Mr & Mrs H.

December brought a whole stack of things, mostly good but some not so good.  Amongst the good things was being able to give my 3 Grandbabies a memorable Christmas (sorry Husband), taking the eldest to see Santa (not the best experience for her), trying to give my Husband the best birthday, having time off work to organise things, cooking the best Birthday/Xmas lunch (no stress) that I’ve ever done, having all my family with me on 25th December.  The not so good include distancing myself from a few people and having to work when my Husband had 10 days off (yes Husband, you know what I called you).  I am not going into the distancing thing for two reasons, 1, it’s my business and 2, I don’t give a fuck.  I posted on social media that I am to old for games and refuse to play them anymore, look out 2017 I am ready for you.

The things I would like to try and accomplish in 2017 are:- spending more time with my Husband, seeing more of my children, spending more time with my Grandbabies, losing weight, drinking less, continue being a non-smoker, decorating and de-cluttering the house, working less, saving more and having a lovely holiday.

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Letter to my Daughter

My darling Daughter

You have reached the grand age of 32, out of those 32 years I have only been a part of your life for 24ish of them, I was there through your childhood and then abandoned you when you became an adult (you know the reasons).  The last 5ish years that we have been back in touch have been some of the happiest of my life, my life finally feels complete.  You are going through a pretty rough time at the moment and I just want to tell you that I am there for you.  I know you are scared and uncertain about your future, but very soon you are going to be a Mum and believe me when I say there is no greater feeling in the world, all of a sudden you have this little human being in your arms who is totally dependant on you for everything, a little human being who will control your heart, your head, your emotions, your thoughts, your everything, your life will never ever be the same again, it will be hard, it will be tiring, it will be emotional, it will be scary, it will be uncertain, it will be frustrating, but I promise you this, when you hold your Son in your arms and look into his eyes all the negatives will pale into insignificance and maybe for the first time in your life you will know what “true love” is.   I love you very much and cannot wait to meet my Grandson, but remember this, no matter how much I love my Grandson I will love you more because you are my BABYGIRL.

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New Granddaughter

I have a new Granddaughter 🙂 she was born on 6th June 2016 weighing a healthy 8lb (Grandma’s chunky monkey, I will never call her that to her face) she was born at 15.46 at the local hospital, my Son was present at the birth and told me that my Daughter-in-law was amazing.  I  have no doubt that she was as she is an amazing person.  I finished work, picked my Husband up and we went to meet her. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. She has a mop of dark hair which I am hoping turns blonde like her big sister.  At 1 day old I had to cut her finger nails as they were longer than her Mum’s. it was then that I really looked at her fingers and what a shock I got, it was like looking at my Mother’s fingers, the wrinkles, the nail shape, the length, It brought a really big lump to my throat.  A few days later my Son sent me a photo of her sleeping, I had tears in my eyes as I looked at it, she was in the same position that my Mother slept in (hand holding up her chin).  My Mother would have been so proud of my Son & Daughter-in-law for producing 2 beautiful girls.

I thought my heart would explode when my eldest Granddaughter was born but nothing could have prepared me for the feelings I have for my baby Granddaughter, Don’t get me wrong I love both the girls equally but differently, its hard to explain in words but I’ll try.  I used to say to my children that I love my Daughter (first born) more because she is my only Daughter and my baby girl but I love my Son more because he is my only Son and my baby boy, to me I loved them both equally but differently, it’s the same with my Granddaughters, I love the eldest more because she is my first granddaughter but I love the baby more because she is my youngest Granddaughter.

I am sooooo in awe of my Son & Daughter-in-law, they are fabulous parents and although they may struggle a little financially I know they will never struggle with the love they have for each other and for their girls.  Thank you both for giving me such wonderful, beautiful, amazing Granddaughters.

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Kinky Mice

My Son rang me the other day and said “Mum I’ve found this picture that you can use on your website/blog”. Even though I love the picture, I’m not sure about using it, here it is, let me know what you think (comment box below)


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