Playing catch-up

I am horrified and more than a little embarrassed by my lack of posts, I haven’t posted anything since June 15th 2016.  Soooooooo much has happened in my life since then, I will try and get it all down in the right order, but forgive me if I fuck it up.

The most notable thing happened just a day after my last blog, MY GRANDSON WAS BORN,  yes the little bugger needed to come early, he had stopped growing and the doctor/midwife decided to induce my daughter.  The father and myself were present and after a very quick and traumatic birth, my handsome grandson was born weighing 4lb 8oz (yes I cried), he was little but perfect in every way.  Mother & Son were allowed home the very same day/evening.  So now I had 2 new Grandbabies born 10 days apart, I honestly thought my heart would burst.  Never ever in the whole world was there a prouder Grandma.

In the August my Son informed me that he was going to stop smoking, I will be honest I had my doubts as he had tried many times before, how wrong was I, he has been a non-smoker for 4 months now and I am so so so proud of him.

Also in August, I had an argument with the “rents”.  I have only seen them once since then and tried really hard to make amends (for my Husband’s sake) but it just didn’t happen. I am done with them.

I also tupe’d over to a new company on August 1st, they talked the talk, and I’m still waiting for them to walk the walk. I am still working 60 hours a week, but hopefully that will change in 2017/2018.

On September 23rd my Husband & I took our eldest Granddaughter out for the day to Tenby, we had a lovely time eating fish & chips and then ice-cream, we walked a lot and went into some terrific shops.  The most important thing to happen that day though was my “lightbulb moment”, we were sat at the top looking down at the beach when my Husband said “shall we take her on the beach” without hesitation I said “no, I’ll never get back up the steps”.  OMG what the hell was wrong with me?, my grandbabies were going to miss out on so much because of my selfishness.  I didn’t say anything to my Husband, but I had made a monumental decision.  We enjoyed the rest of the day and got home about 7pm.  The following day was a Saturday and my Husband & I were going into Cardiff, I asked him to accompany me to a certain shop where between us we must have spent about £100.00.  I smoked my last cigarette that day.  It’s now been 3 months and the difference in my breathing, skin tone, finances & energy levels are astounding, next year I WILL be taking my grandbabies on the beach in Tenby.

In October my first class A* Husband gained a promotion in work, he worked hard for it and totally deserves the recognition. I am so proud of him.

November saw 2 big events, firstly it was my Daughter-in-law’s 30th birthday (we broke her) and secondly, my Son’s best friend got married, I have known his friend since he was 13 and he calls me mum2.  I raise a glass to Mr & Mrs H.

December brought a whole stack of things, mostly good but some not so good.  Amongst the good things was being able to give my 3 Grandbabies a memorable Christmas (sorry Husband), taking the eldest to see Santa (not the best experience for her), trying to give my Husband the best birthday, having time off work to organise things, cooking the best Birthday/Xmas lunch (no stress) that I’ve ever done, having all my family with me on 25th December.  The not so good include distancing myself from a few people and having to work when my Husband had 10 days off (yes Husband, you know what I called you).  I am not going into the distancing thing for two reasons, 1, it’s my business and 2, I don’t give a fuck.  I posted on social media that I am to old for games and refuse to play them anymore, look out 2017 I am ready for you.

The things I would like to try and accomplish in 2017 are:- spending more time with my Husband, seeing more of my children, spending more time with my Grandbabies, losing weight, drinking less, continue being a non-smoker, decorating and de-cluttering the house, working less, saving more and having a lovely holiday.

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