Letter to my Daughter

My darling Daughter

You have reached the grand age of 32, out of those 32 years I have only been a part of your life for 24ish of them, I was there through your childhood and then abandoned you when you became an adult (you know the reasons).  The last 5ish years that we have been back in touch have been some of the happiest of my life, my life finally feels complete.  You are going through a pretty rough time at the moment and I just want to tell you that I am there for you.  I know you are scared and uncertain about your future, but very soon you are going to be a Mum and believe me when I say there is no greater feeling in the world, all of a sudden you have this little human being in your arms who is totally dependant on you for everything, a little human being who will control your heart, your head, your emotions, your thoughts, your everything, your life will never ever be the same again, it will be hard, it will be tiring, it will be emotional, it will be scary, it will be uncertain, it will be frustrating, but I promise you this, when you hold your Son in your arms and look into his eyes all the negatives will pale into insignificance and maybe for the first time in your life you will know what “true love” is.   I love you very much and cannot wait to meet my Grandson, but remember this, no matter how much I love my Grandson I will love you more because you are my BABYGIRL.

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