New Granddaughter

I have a new Granddaughter 🙂 she was born on 6th June 2016 weighing a healthy 8lb (Grandma’s chunky monkey, I will never call her that to her face) she was born at 15.46 at the local hospital, my Son was present at the birth and told me that my Daughter-in-law was amazing.  I  have no doubt that she was as she is an amazing person.  I finished work, picked my Husband up and we went to meet her. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. She has a mop of dark hair which I am hoping turns blonde like her big sister.  At 1 day old I had to cut her finger nails as they were longer than her Mum’s. it was then that I really looked at her fingers and what a shock I got, it was like looking at my Mother’s fingers, the wrinkles, the nail shape, the length, It brought a really big lump to my throat.  A few days later my Son sent me a photo of her sleeping, I had tears in my eyes as I looked at it, she was in the same position that my Mother slept in (hand holding up her chin).  My Mother would have been so proud of my Son & Daughter-in-law for producing 2 beautiful girls.

I thought my heart would explode when my eldest Granddaughter was born but nothing could have prepared me for the feelings I have for my baby Granddaughter, Don’t get me wrong I love both the girls equally but differently, its hard to explain in words but I’ll try.  I used to say to my children that I love my Daughter (first born) more because she is my only Daughter and my baby girl but I love my Son more because he is my only Son and my baby boy, to me I loved them both equally but differently, it’s the same with my Granddaughters, I love the eldest more because she is my first granddaughter but I love the baby more because she is my youngest Granddaughter.

I am sooooo in awe of my Son & Daughter-in-law, they are fabulous parents and although they may struggle a little financially I know they will never struggle with the love they have for each other and for their girls.  Thank you both for giving me such wonderful, beautiful, amazing Granddaughters.

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