3 Day Week

Last week I only had to work 3 days because I had booked Thursday & Friday off, unusual for me you might say, but there was a very very good reason for it.  On the Thursday my Husband and I went to Bristol, we did a spot of shopping, had a so-so meal and then went to a concert.  The concert was performed by an American troop called Postmodern Jukebox.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of these, you need to get on You-tube and find them, you will be amazed at the incredible talent that these guys and girls have.  They have been brought together by a man called Scott Bradley, and what this guy can do with musical arrangements is phenomenal.  He takes a modern day song and rewrites it into a jazz track.  My Husband and I are avid fans and were not disappointed.

On the Friday I had booked a photoshoot with the very talented Precious Moments photography girls Kim & Louise.  These photos were originally intended to be of the baby bumps, but one thing led to another and 70 photographs later, I was on the point of tears as there were some absolutely amazing photographs taken. image image

After the excitement of the concert and the photoshoot, I wanted a quiet afternoon, but OH NO, my Husband had other ideas.  We ended up in Cardiff, eating, shopping & eating (my Husband is a FEEDER).  Very rarely can I refuse my Husband as he can make the most gorgeous puppy dog eyes, I try to be strong and can generally hold out for quite a while but they always get me in the end.

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2 Responses to 3 Day Week

  1. spabbit says:

    Feeder, you say? Never!

    Puppy Dog Eyes? Well, did you evah!?

    Always get you in the end? Excellent!

  2. Nicky says:

    Feeder? Definitely.
    Puppy dog eyes? Definitely.
    Get me in the end? Sometimes.

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