Mother’s Day part 2

Well after receiving some lovely gifts off my Daughter, I decided to invite my Son, Daughter-in-law and Granddaughter up for dinner.  Using dinner as bribery I suggested my Son bring my present and card with him, so that I wouldn’t have to wait until lunchtime the following day (Mothering Sunday), after a bit of light-hearted banter, he finally agreed.

I decided to try out a new recipe and cooking for 6 people was quite a challenge, but I succeeded and we all sat down to eat at about 18.00.  At this point my Son gave me a stunning bracelet and a bottle of (very nice) red wine, I had a card off him and my Daughter-in-law and a card off my Granddaughter.  All of my cards were put on show and my bracelet went straight on my wrist.  My Daughter-in-law (27 weeks pregnant) absolutely devoured my kip/shroom  (my new recipe) and after eating hers, proceeded to eat half of mine as well.  That girl has a very healthy appetite :-).

So the evening was going along very nicely, the non-pregnant over 18’s were having drinks, the conversation flowed, fun was had and music was played.  At about 22.00 my Granddaughter asked me if she could go to bed (bless her, at 2 yrs old she was partied out).  My Daughter took her up and then came back to join us.  The next event concerned my Husband, who had been religiously upholding his PIRATE standing, he went to sit on the sofa (we were all sat around the dining table) and proceeded to keel over and fall asleep, well as one does, we took photographs and posted them on social media.  At about 01.30 my Son and his beautiful Wife went home (she had work less than 6 hours later), my future Grandson’s Father went with them, so this now left myself and my Daughter sat at the table, and my Husband fast asleep on the sofa.  Left to our own devices my Daughter and I had a great time on You-tube, picking songs and generally having a good old time.  My Husband woke up at 02.45 and stumbled his way to bed, at this point I was wide awake and having a thoroughly good time, I think it was about 03.45 before I crawled into bed beside my Husband.  I do have to admit that I felt a little bit under the weather on Mothering Sunday, but by hell, do we know how to have an impromptu party.  I felt truly blessed on that weekend, blessed to be the Mother of two incredible people, blessed to be the Mother-in-law of a beautiful (inside & out) woman, blessed to be the Grandma of a gorgeous, talented, cheeky, adorable little girl, blessed to be the anxiously waiting Grandma of two more Grandbabies and especially blessed to have the best Husband in the world.


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